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Speaking of Autocross triumphs, shout out to Brian Meyer for whipping up on some Monster HP Camaros this past Sunday!!!!

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This past Sunday saw drivers from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and even Colorado spend the weekend with a Test and Tune Event on Saturday and a Sunday Points Event at the Solo Nationals Site in Lincoln, Nebraska. The CAMC Class is always popular and it is made up primarily of Camaros, Mustangs and Challengers. Brian drove up from the KC Metro area to compete and found quite a few competitors in attendance , but the main foes were two Camaro ZL1 LEs. The reason I felt he should get noted here on TMO was because walking through the grid there were quite a few folks smack talking that the ZL1s were going to destroy the rest of the Class. There was some credibility to that , since the cars are well known to be sure footed with rocket booster power , and one was being driven by a multiple year National Champion. Mustang Meyer should that 8500 engine revolutions and a nimble chassis was up to the test and guessed it.........................he galloped by the rest of the CAMC field. Have run with Brian for close to 30 years and it was great to see he is still a strong competitor auto crossing and he has been doing some HPDEs too, with the goal of doing Time Trials in the coming future.

New member mlehnert was at the event, along with Autoeux, myself and at least a couple of other members that I do not know their Forum Name. Gave out a few cards with TMO's info on them , so hopefully we will just keep adding to the list of track/autocross sickos who can find help and products here!

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