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Spray plastic coating?

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My Boss will soon be commuting the highway every weekend and I'm looking for something to protect the paint. I just found this: I might give it a try, says it comes in clear. Has anybody used this or this type of product? I'd like to coat the front bumper mainly, I'm planning to get the Tiger hood in a few months so the hood is not a major concern. Any input would be great.
LindsayEOD said:
Just out of curiosity, why not get a clear bra? That stuff looks interesting but reminds me of plasti-dip.

Based on the cost, and the fact I don't have a good clear bra installer in my area, I'm looking for alternatives. My front bumper also has a few minor nicks. My other option is to have the front bumper re-painted down the road (I'm guessing the cost of re-spray and clear bra is probably about the same).


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Just get a clear bra, the protection is worth the cost. I got mine at AZ Custom Shop on 53rd ave in Glendale right behind Sanderson Ford.

I think mine was $700 installed including the first foot of the hood and fenders, front fascia, mirrors, rear door edges, and door handle pockets.
I bet to get the bumper prepped and re-sprayed, it would be more than the clear bra. What area are you from? I bet someone on this forum knows a good local installer for you. I just think that spray looks a little "gimmicky" and I can vouch for a quality clear bra. Definitely worth the money over time.


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Beware, they are not all created equal, nor are the quality of installations. I would go with nothing other than 3M Ventureshield ( There is less expensive materials, but they don't last or look like Ventureshield. Installers who don't carry it will say their stuff is just as good.

If you are in a pinch or don't want to go for the expensive alternative, check out It works very well and if you're talented at installation it doesn't look that bad. It looks nothing like a good clear bra installation though - which you won't even see.

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Hey AZBoss302 let me know who you end up using. I too live in Tucson and just bought my 13 Boss LS last weekend and would appreciate the 411

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