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SRT Track Experience review

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I read this review of the SRT Track Experience you get when you buy a Chrysler SRT car, and it really made me happy that I bought my Boss. While the SRT experience looks fun, the Boss Track Attack is infinitely cooler. It seems to me that you don't get too much out of the SRT experience other than to beat on a few different cars, whereas BTA teaches you racing skills.

Anyway just thought I would post this so other Boss owners could add another reason to why the Boss is the best.

This website will probably be reviewing the BTA soon as one of the writers bought a Boss and went recently, so I'll post that too when it comes out.
That was just what I expected; the SRT cars are a blast to drive in a straight line but not much fun thru the corners.
I like how they keep mentioning very few companies offer this kind of experience and when the one poster says that’s why he bought a BOSS and can’t wait to go to Track Attack nobody acknowledges it.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
that guy should do a little research before he spouts out that mis information....hello the boss comes with it included in price and its better not some cones in a parking lot.
In 2007 my wife and I did SRT Experience after we bought our 300 SRT. It was at Beaver Run Motorsports in Pittsburgh PA. Short drag strip in Chargers, 300, and Jeep SRT 8. Vipers on a cart course. Big track in choice of 300, Charger, Jeep and Crossfire. All was lead/ follow on the big track. Really good time. We had a ball.

We did BTA with 2nd day in June. Much different operation focused on Mustangs. Track time was better in my opinion. Instruction was better. Much more race oriented. More track time than SRT. Courses are amazing.

Both were great in their own way. How could you go wrong with cool cars on a race track.

Next up, track day in the Boss at Barber, then BMW Driving School courtesy of her 2012 335I.

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