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Stall while driving!

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Hey guys, this happened to me twice today. Car runs fine then all of a sudden turns off/stalls while driving. Both times I was in neutral coming to a stop. Any ideas? It happened the first time when I was driving to work and thenough once on the way back from work. When I was leaving for work, it happened about 60 seconds after I left my house. On the way back from work, it happened about 10 minutes into my drive. I didn't drive differently and coming to a stop in neutral happened multiple times after these instances. I'm pretty lost. Can this have something to do with my bama tune? Thanks in advance.
Disconnected the negative battery terminal. So far so good. No stall this morning. I am in contact with Shaun regarding an AED tune. Something about this Bama stuff doesn't feel right.
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I don't really know much about the BAMA tune but my buddy had it on his GT and he blew the motor. Not trying to scare you but after driving and riding in his car I was not impressed with it at all. He supposedly had more horsepower on the dyno than my Boss did but on the way to the Nurburgring I stomped him every time when we got on it on the Autobahn. His car started smoking and was burning oil really bad before it gave out. He had the Boss intake and a cold air intake also. Car only had about 17,000 miles when it died. If I do a tune it will only be track key.


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are you running the "cammed" tune?

There has been a lot of complaints about bama not making any more power over stock and them saying nothing is wrong.

Go for the AED tune it will be great. I have had a few tunes nothing compares and yes I used to have the trackey.

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