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Starting to Reconsider Options

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Well as most here know (or not) I have a 3 Quarter Yellow Blaze Boss coming with just the basics and added floor mats/car cover. Lately I've been reconsidering my options while I still can. From what I've been told, since my car has not yet been pulled for production I can make changes.

Obviously the only change I can make is getting the Recaro's and differential.......the question I'm struggling with is should I? I could use some help (pros or cons) from the members of BMO to help ease my decision. Here are some things why and why not for me.

Why to:

1. Aside from getting the LS, put every option into the car now so I don't regret it later.
2. If it does increase in value (many years down the road) it's best to have a "loaded" car than just the basic.
3. If I decide to track the car, then I have basically what every other Boss owner has putting it on the track.
4. To add the options just adds a little more to the loan.

Why not:
1. I set a budget for myself on this purchase and to get the option will exceed the budget planned.
2. I am unsure how much track time this vehicle will get.
3. Basically the car is more of a show car/trip traveler than a track vehicle.
4. Could it be cheaper to get a different pair of seats and rear end when upgrade time comes for me?
It will be cheaper to get the mats and cover later from places like not the other way around.

The answer to your question is personal, you make good points on both sides. For me it was easy even before I decided to track the car. The car is a performance car and I wanted performance options, I skipped the cover. The other reason to get the Torsen and Recaros is for resale, it would help but if you will have a hard time with the payments you have to consider that.

The option is very nice to have but a Boss without Recaros and Torsen is still a Boss.
Scott covered it. Get the Recaro's and don't look back.
5 DOT 0 said:
Scott covered it. Get the Recaro's and don't look back.

This ^^^^^

Even though I ordered mine as a no option car, I sort of wish now that I'd included the Recaros/Torsen...
Everyone who sits in mine comments on how nice the Recaro's are. Also did my first real burnout and the way it transitioned from "sideways" to straight was the most controlled and easiest of the 47 million times I done that in my life and I just have to think the Torsen had something to do with it!
My two cents: If you can afford it - get the Recaro option. If you're going to track it - Get the Recaro option. If you're stretching just to get the car and don't plan to track it, you don't really need the option and will have another couple of grand in your pocket (or won't have to borrow that much more).

From what I know, from a collector's point of view fully optioned classics seem to get more hype and might be worth more, but that's not always a guarantee. If you find you miss having them, you can also have these items installed later - perhaps at a better price from discounters etc. down the line in a few years.
You know the old saying " opinions are like a_______ , everyone has one and most stink". Everyone's opinion will be based on what they would do. For me I say why worry just get what you want but I also just wrote a check for my LS so budget was not a question. I always say just listen to yourself and if you think something you do will be dumb, it probably will be. Done analyze it so much just go with what you feel.
I appreciate everyone's input and opinions........I however just found out from my salesman he cannot make any more changes due to the order being "locked." He states the car is suppose to be scheduled soon.......orders got moved up.

This is my first time ordering a new car from the factory so I am unsure if what he's telling me is true. If the fact he cannot change the order due to it being pulled, I somewhat understand. However, if it hasn't been pulled yet why can a change not be submitted?

Guess if the car is being pulled soon, it just means I could see it by the end of August I hope!

*Update as I was typing this!* My salesman just sent me the following text: "We sent in a request for change. We are glad you asked. Either the order is in the process of being scheduled, or there is truly a problem with the order because we were getting an "unclean order" error. We submitted it with the changes and will wait and see."

I am now awaiting a phone call from my salesman to see what is going on! FRUSTRATING!!!!

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