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Steeda Boss Springs installed on rear only

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I track my Boss about 4 times a year and I did not want to upset the balance of the car, but I could no longer live with the jacked up rear. Therefore, after much debate I installed Steeda Boss springs on the rear only. First outing at Eagle Canyon Raceway went well. I remove 3/4 inch from the rear bump stops and had to adjust the rear shocks to 3 instead of my preferred setting of 4. With these changes, the car was well balanced. This setup might not be for everyone, but I liked it enough to leave it as is for now. I ran 2:08 laps today on just my third time at ECR.

So why not install the front springs; I didn't want to kill the ride as my car is a DD and I like to experiment.
i had done the exact same thing with the eiback pro kit.
in all honesty i could not feel a change and the car still liked the same settings.

ive since installed the eibach fronts. nose remained same height and all. i have left the settings the same for now. but it seems to handle better with the only really noticeable effect being less brake dive.
I am seriously considering doing this after seeing your car and the way it handled this weekend. did you notice any difference in the ride quality in the rear?

Oh and the last session I took your advice and dialed down the rear shocks, made a big improvment for me, thanks again.

Chase ride quality decreased but nothing I could not live with everyday. My car is DD and ride quality is important. That is why I did not change the front springs. However, if you do not trim the rear bumpstops ride quality is terrible IMO.
Chase this change did have a negative effect on handling. First off, my car is stock otherwise. More changes are needed to improve the handling. However, for my intended goal the outcome is something I can live with. If I was making changes solely to improve handling there are better options to include Ford Racing P-springs and swaybars. The the springs increased throttle oversteer off corner. This caused me to pickup the throttle later on corner out slowing exit speed. Again, something I can live with for my intended goal. If ride quality was not an issue I would do something completely different spring wise.
I just pulled the trigger on the P spings since I used them on my Bullitt and were very happy the performance. After seeing your car I couldn't take 4x4 look anymore.
texasmustang65 said:
I just pulled the trigger on the P spings since I used them on my Bullitt and were very happy the performance. After seeing your car I couldn't take 4x4 look anymore.
You'll enjoy less body roll and brake dive on the track too. BTW I saw your track photos and I'm curious what wheels are you using for the track?
they are SVE 10th aniversery wheels, 18x9 18x10. They are not the best track wheel, but I picked them up for under 300 local used. Since tires are much easier to find for 18's it was a no brainer for me.

Not the best picture
Tom, my facebook post was meant to aggravate my cousin who cannot stand Fords. Naturally, he didn't bite. Anyhow, yes I was able to run down the ZL-1 this weekend. With the cold track temps and such the little Boss 302 did well enough to rundown the Chevy. Like I always say, "magazine stats mean nothing, prove it on the track!" Next time out it could be reverse. I sure hope Peter brings it out, so we can go at it again. It made for some fun laps.

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