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Steeda Tune-How is it?


TMO Intermediate
Hi, I'm looking for an affordable off the shelf tune and the best option that seems to be available is Steeda. Is there anyone on here that is running a steeda tune, if so how is it?

Thanks in advance.

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
A bunch of my friends down here (and me included) have had a few problems with canned tunes.. Its only a little more cost to get a tune from some one like AED. I think its really worth it getting the log before, a prelim tune, and then the final tune.. Amazing how many cars have problems with things like false knock etc
Nothing against Lund, but my AED tune was significanly better. and only little more money.


TMO Intermediate
I have the Steeda tune on my 11 5.0 with boss 302 IM Steeda cold air intake. I went with them because I think when I ordered the intake they gave me a discount on there forever tune service so it was pretty cheap and they have been around awhile and I figured I could trust them. Anyway it may be a little more on the conservative side but it runs well and haven’t had a single issue. When I did have a backfire issue (ended up being a bad pulstar plug from previous owner) Steeda was very helpful with data logging and timely responses I didn’t think it was a plug issue plugs all looked fine and from what the previous owner said they only had like 5k on them but Steeda was great to work with.

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