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Stripped down Shelby or Boss 302?

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With the current glut of Shelby cars out there (they seem to be on every lot I research) and the attempts by the dealers to continue to get at least $5K to $10K over sticker for the Boss, who has simply bailed on the Boss and gone with the Shelby? I like the idea of the non supercharged engine with free revs, and performance that is really pretty darn close. The Shelby does give a bit more muscular look with some more options of appearance packages. I also like the Silver LS, but not for close to $60K.
It really depends on what you want out of the car. If you are just after all out horsepower, get the GT500. If you prefer the perfect balance of power, handling and a truly track ready car, get the Boss. IMO both cars look great so that comes down to personal preference. I own both cars and if I had to decide on just one, it would be the Boss. I do track my car frequently though so that biases my opinion.
I prefer the Boss. I just got mine last week. The same dealer where I got mine has a brand new Kona Blue/White with both options for MSRP. No ADM. I think it is $43,575, same as my orange one. Dealer phone number: Terry Waggoner. 931-561-8618

The Boss is awesome. Have not had a chance to really get it on a long stretch yet, but on a backroad, it is just as smooth at 130 as it is at 50.

Both cars are great, but I wanted the one that gives it all. 1965 GT350 R code that is what I think of when I am driving my car, any of the Boss's are the new R code, my opinion. Try and get a ride with a Boss before you purchase. There is a dealer with a silver LS, that offered it at two above msrp, to A buddy of mine. He has found a PW at msrp.
I'm sure any ADM's on the remaining 2012 BOSSes will tumble once orders for the 2013 BOSS become available. If you want a BOSS, stick to your guns! Don't compromise overall performance for more supercharged HP. Just my opinion.
I love my BOSS! You should be able to find one for MSRP now, seen some on e-bay at that price...
Here in the Atlanta area, most of the dealers I have researched or talked to want $49,700 for the sticker of $43,575 of the Boss. They are potentially willing to negotiate, but not much.
I'm sorry to hear that about Atlanta, one dealer here in San Antonio sold one to a dealer in the Atlanta area for $3k over MSRP because he was sure they would bring all the money in that area. Shop elsewhere and enjoy a really cool ride home.

give it about 3 weeks till the 2013 is revealed in LA and then you will see what the market can handle. the Boss is visually significantly different and the tech is back to current not retro.

if you've waited this long then another few weeks won't hurt
just to throw a little more into the decision, the specs for the 2013 GT500 will be substantially raised, 5.8l supercharged with probably north of 650 for HP. if it comes with the rest of the guts to put that to the road and a stripped down one stays near the LS in price it could be quite a decision

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