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Sunday morning drive fun

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I just had an awesome time racing a race red 5.0 coupe on the interstate. Saw him behind me and I knew I had to egg him on. First real challenge in the Boss and it was a hell of a time. Especially since I had my dad in the car and he didn't realize what was going to happen.


I had to go into work yesterday and about a half mile before the interstate on-ramp I saw a yellow vette. I could feel this huge grin come across my face as i pulled up and his plate read "06 vette". At that light I wanted to try him but there is always motorcycle cops around the next curve in the AM. So I figured I'd get him on the interstate...........I was going east bound on 64......... he went west :(. Maybe next time.


Owner of 2012 & 13 Boss 302's
We have cops in unmarked gt's all over the place, I've watched em try to goad guys into runnin em. Ain't right....

BLAZN BOSS enforcement.............cant complain when your actually doing something against the law.
Guys, I am sorry to close this thread but the board Admin has asked we refrain from any posts about street racing. Without going into a debate over this all I can say is this is the way the board Administrator wants to run the board so we need to respect that.

For more info about this subject please read:

Thanks for understanding, any questions please contact any of the moderators for help.
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