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Superchips VIVID

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Not sure about you guys but I have been thinking about tuners some. The other day I was thinking about how great it would be if the tuner would run off of a smart phone or tablet. So you don't have to drag a laptop out to the car and whatnot. Well if you watch Powerblock on Spike you saw the Superchips VIVID on this weekend. It runs on a small Android based tablet that comes with the tuner. I have emailed them about it and will call this week and will post back with more info about it.
Not that I'm looking for a tuner but that would be cool. In for the update.


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My only concern would be the stability of the Android platform. I don't know about you guys but my android isn't the most stable computer device I own. For reading values from the OBD it would be no problem ofc ourse, but when writing critical data to the cars PCM I would be a little cautious - at least know the downside of potential failures. What would happen if the android froze while writing? It can happan to a PC anytime also, but Windows XP/Vista/7 are still more stable (once a process is running at least !) than an Anrdoid 2.x platform. I'd actualkly trust an IPhone or even better an IPad more quickly.
I called today and found a few things out. First they do not have a Boss in shop and no dealerships will loan them one. So for us to get one of these somebody is going to need to give up there car for a week or so. I'm going to call back tomorrow in the AM and get more information about that part of the deal.

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