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Technical advice on using Zaino

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(Mods please move where appropriate)

OK, you Zaino zealots, I need your advice!

I made the plunge, bought the "kit" with the nice bucket and all the little do-dads.

So, the process is roughly:

1. Final cleaning pass with the spray/finish.
2. Apply Z2.
3. Remove Z2 (you know, rub off the haze).

Reading the instructions it says "use sparingly" and "it takes 1 ounce for the entire car", yada yada...

OK, so I "use sparingly" with one of the provided white applicators and for 99% of the surface it doesn't seem to "stick", meaning that there is no residual haze to speak of.

So, am I doing something wrong, or is this expected?

Inquiring minds want to know. :)


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Sounds like you used it a little 'too sparingly'. Just one coat of z2 isn't enough, you are really just getting the stuff soaked into the new pad. Spray it down again with a very light coat of z6 just to get off any little bit of residue, and hit it with another coat, this time adding a little more product per area. You should be able to see a faint haze, and then wait 30 mins and remove. Do yourself a favor and make sure you wash your towels in between haze removal. I ended up putting some swirls in my paint because I didn't do that and introduced particulate contaminates into my 'cleaning cloths'.

Learned a valuable lesson to NOT DO THAT.

Give that a shot and see what you think.


Ok, that makes sense.

Plan to take a 2nd stab at is Saturday - will get started early so I can do more than one coat.

I'll pick up some new microfiber towels to avoid the issue you ran into - I'm assuming generic microfiber towels will be OK.

Not sure what kit you bought, but if it included Z-AIO you put that on first. Buff off. Spray with Z-6 wipe, Apply Z-2 or Z-5 buff off, spray with Z-6 wipe. layer as needed. The Z-2 and Z-5 are interchangeable.
As far as towels go they recommend 100% cotton you can get at department stores.
I have used both micro-fiber and cotton. both work
Did you use the ZFX accelerator (the tiny blue bottle)? I use 5-8 DROPS in one of those little squirt bottles included in the kit. That will speed up drying time by half.

I also "spritz" the applicator with quick detailer and just a light mist on the car. LIGHT MIST, not a douche. I then make a large spiral pattern on the applicator. Yes the applicator will absorb a bit but by the time the entire car is finished on the first pass all will be equal. I also do no less than two coats. On a little car like a Mustang a full squirt bottle will do the whole car.

Just play with it and enjoy the fruits. Don't think dirty thoughts with that last sentence ;D


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I can get two coats with 1oz.

I spray the applicator with one hit of Z6 then lay a ribbon across the center from end to end. then go in straight lines (dont do overlapping circles like wax). new ribbon every panel or so. on a light colored car it will be very hard to see if its on the paint or not. on the black bits its easier to see.

My process is
Dawn wash
Z7 wash
Z5 (zfx enhanced)
Z5 (zfx enhanced)
Z2 (zfx enhanced)
12 hours

While not required, for the ULTIMATE in paint protection and an INCREDIBLE show car finish, use Z-AIO, followed by 2 coats of ZFX enabled Z-5 PRO, then 1 coat of Z-2 PRO (including a Z-6 wipe down between coats) and finish off with an application of Z-CS. Wait 12 hours, then wipe down the vehicle with Z-8. Get your sunglasses out, the gloss may be blinding.


Ok, thanks for the info, guys. Think I'm set and "round 2".

That said, special thanks to Justin - I was in fact applying like a wax in swirls, so that added detail on how to apply is exactly what I needed.

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