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Thanks Smitty

For the WD-40 advise, cleaned the car up in no time. These pics do not even show the real amount of marks on the car. Good news is just one actual crack in the windshield but the front bumper took a lot of chips, Homestead is rough :(

ArizonaGT said:
Mothers just released a new spray that is supposed to do wonders on rubber marks. Marketed specifically towards track guys.

You might want to clean your wheels, too

Turtle Wax makes a really good bug and tar spray- they make a mild and extra strength. I use the mild and it takes off the track marks 1-2-3 and is not hard on your paint- buffs like a quick detailer.
BossJockey said:
Just to clarify, are you spraying the car with WD-40 before going out on the track, or using it afterwards to remove the rubber marks?

Sprayed it on paper towels to clean after getting back. Was done with the whole car (sides, hood, roof etc.) in 30 mins and three paper towel pieces later. I can overstate how easy it was.
I have been using the turtle wax bug and tar stuff. It works okay. I have been looking for a better product. I will have to look for the Mothers stuff. Don't know how I feel about rubbing wd40 all over my car.....
This stuff works amazingly well. The rubber marks just wipe right off.


By cloud91965 at 2012-01-30

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