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the IMSA plot thickens..bad officiating was rampant

This will tweek your nips..

and it looks like we'll be penalized for a mystery wreck while the car was parked. from FACEBOOK posts by our engineer.

John Vincent On a side note. Current and past championship teams in ST (plus a few other well experienced ST teams) got nailed with a stop and go plus 4:50 penalty toward the end of the race. In addition to that, a team actually served a penalty for speeding in the pits but IMSA somehow missed it. Thus IMSA gave the car another penalty and threatened to stop scoring the car. If it wasn't for people like me to come to their rescue and witness they did the drive through, they would have been out of luck. On top of that, it took 15 minutes for a rule clarification in the middle of the 75 minute all green Conti race. I've been doing this since 1985 and I have no idea why it's got to this point of reinventing the wheel.


John Vincent #32 Mustang was involved in an incident at Sebring 20 minutes after the car was parked on the side of the track and the driver was out. I just listened ignored the IMSA official and went on. I assumed it was the other #32 Mustang running around the track with a driver in it. It's to the point where I stopped reading the multitude of comp bulletins that come out the week of the race and listen to only 20% of what the officials have to say. There's an 80% chance they are wrong. Hopefully we don;t have to serve this mystery penalty at Laguna because I have time stamped video that the car was parked by a corner station and the driver was out.
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Continued over during the 12hours with the Alex Job Racing Porsche getting blamed for running into a Ferrari , taking a pit lane penalty and then when they found out the error no compensation -- they ended up 4th in the GT- Daytona Class. The situation grew even uglier as the car that did punt the Ferrari was the Porsche that won the GTLM class by 5 seconds over the GTSR Viper.....................except they were never penalized for their infraction.

Viper as robbed of the win, Alex Job Racing ( Weathertech) was likely robbed of their win and the perpetrator of the incident gets away with the win. After the bungle in the Continental Race, one wonders what is going on with the new series!?

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