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The Paddock

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Under 3 Years
Cordenons, Italy
I am Greg, from Ohio, living/working in Italy since 1996 (retired USAF). My first Mustang was a 2017 GT350 that I bought NOV 19 with 18k miles that I traded in with 27k miles JAN 23 for a 2020 GT350 with 4.3k miles. My other toy is a 2001 Ducati 996S that I bought new directly from Borgo Panigale, the Ducati factory in Bologna Italy. Other than that there is nothing to add really, except for the fact that I absolutely love both of my toys and it’s impossible to refrain from “spirited driving” on the twisty roads of Italy.



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10-20 Years
Kansas City, Missouri
Welcome! That looks like your on Aviano? I was stationed at Camp Darby down in Pisa for 4 years and did ALS at Aviano back in 2013. I do miss riding my bike over there. I also have a soft spot for 2 wheeled Italians, I currently have a 2020 Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory.

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