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The R is on the move

302 Hi Pro

Boss 302 - Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car
fuhrius said:
dealer received a '16 gt350 tech pack car (white / blue stripes) today that landed in Benicia Dec 31. OUCH. I may be waiting a while (longer).

Let's just hope that was due to the Holiday down time at the rail head. Hoping yours is processed soon and gets scheduled for delivery.

Looking forward to your posts with first diving impressions.

All the Best!
302 Hi Pro
mattlqx said:
Yikes, and I thought my couple days of rail yard to dealer was painful.

in the grand scheme of my journey (reference the first post in this thread) it'll be small potatoes...but still pretty painful.
The delays you and the other John @jas427 have experienced have been painful to watch. Hopefully you're both driving your cars within the next few days and all of this will be forgotten.
Mine sat on the railcar for a day or two in Chicago. I would think they want to get it off as quickly as possible so as to not pay for the railcar any more. If you know the transport company shoot them an email and they may be able to give you some info. I did this when my car was in Chicago awaiting transport and was pretty surprised when they got back to me within an hour to tell me when my car would be at the dealer. You never know. Good luck whatever happens. It will be there soon.
mattlqx said:
Yikes, and I thought my couple days of rail yard to dealer was painful.

your journey was a walk in the park compared to mine (couple days at the's such a small piece of the overall puzzle)...and, yet, I know that mine pales in comparison to some of the other stories I'm following. It's been a mess for early builds...especially R's...but we all know that we'll be totally stoked and forget about all this once we have our cars.

One upside: I took the Boss out tonight for a spirited drive, as I often do if I work from home all day, and if you need a better car...well...first world problems. Having been in / driven the GT350R twice now, I know it's a great ride....but if I had to do with 'just' my boss, I'd still be a happy man/child.
Just as I'd resigned myself to waiting another week, I got a text from the dealer saying the convoy truck was on the way to the dealership.
then...10 minutes later:

dateposted-public[email protected]/24318053591/in/dateposted-public/

I'm going to have to figure out how to post pics. lol.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Go to and click the blue "upload images" button at the top of the page.
This will open a dialog box for you to select files from your computer.

You will pick the files you want and press the "Start Upload" button.

Once the uploads have completed, you will look to the right of that page near the bottom and see a box that says "BBCode/Forums" with "img" tags. Click the file button next to that box and it will copy the whole "img" string and you can paste it directly into the reply box on any board like this.

You can click the quote button on this post to see what the "img" tags look like for these images.


Luckily he headed out early, the traffic today due to the Holiday on monday is likely going to be pretty wicked :)

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