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The ride across the US

I rode the truck across the US because ..well I just wanted to see the US. If you've never done that, I'd highly recomend it. These are just some of the pics from the trip and Long Beach GP.

We left Pennsylvania, went through the Shenandoah Valley to Tennessee, then I40 across to California.

Driving through the clouds..

past several Civil War battlefields

The Stars and Bars still fly in the Shenandoah valley

down to Memphis and the Mississippi River


the biggest Bass Pro in the universe

Over the Smokey Mountains and on to the flatlands

Truck stops are surreal at night, this was one of 4 truck stops on the cloverleaf that handled more than 300 trucks, that would be 1200 trucks within a square mile and it happens all across the US. This country runs on diesel.[/img

The badlands and Indian territory arizona/ Ne Mexico

Prehistoric lava flows and Indian caves.


This is one of several "car art" this is an import one, I have one of the Caddys as well.

More desert and the San Andreas mountain range




Places to see....
Queen Mary, RT 66 and Tinker air force base



The Long Beach exposition
This car was totally hammered out of aluminum and was powered by an LS Chevy with old school injectors, it was beautiful, so was this Porsche (and I hate Porsche)


Very cool. How was the party at the beach? It's been a while since I've been to the LBGP. From watching the race on TV it looks like the weather was perfect.
Weather was awesome. sunny and cool, we left Long Beach Sunday night right after the races and headed to Barber where we had to be at 10am Wednesday. Instead of taking the transporter to the auditorium, we towed the Porsche through the streets to the transporter..a great move as it turned out.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
That is an RWB Porsche...dude sure does know what looks good for those cars.

Japanese guy that cranks those out in his garage by himself just chain smoking like crazy.


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
I did this 2 years ago but on I-10, so not as scenic. In October, I'll be doing it again but likely via I-40 mainly, at least halfway.
How long did your cross country trip take?

My Bucket list is to travel the US following the NASCAR circuit from FL to NH to CA and all stops in between.

(Oh Yeah, Calif Boss302 is a closeted NASCAR Fan!)
Wednesday I caught the flight from Tampa to Philly, we left Thursday and were in Long beach by the following Thursday, raced Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sunday night made it to Kingman Arizona at 2AM and then to Barber in Alabama by Wednesday at 10AM

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