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S197 The Sublime Lime


TMO Intermediate
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Los Angeles
Definitely has that sleeper look ( as much as possible when driving a killer Lime GT ) and with all the mods done I would imagine she has surprised many a Bimmer, Porsche or Vette when canyon carving?!

Solid build and thanks for sharing.
Thanks! Plans were to get into tracking the car this month but with the the current issues going on in the world, seems like I'll have to stick with the canyons for the time being!

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
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Blair, Nebraska
Weather is getting nice, so likely time to get the " Garage Queen ," out and take her for a little ride over in the Loess Hills of Western Iowa - but the jack stand idea has some merit. I can mimic a Formula 1 car real well and with a glass of wine or two ( California vino of course, as gotta help support your State ) who knows how much fun I can have brain racing in the Recaro?!

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