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The Third Pedal: On Track Experiences With The GT500 & GT350R


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Danville, CA
Great to meet you out at Sonoma! I wish I was in my GT350R that day instead of my Cayman, so I could have joined ion the FordFun. Terrific write-up on these two cars. I love the "tickled my inner child" comment... I totally get that! You've reiterated what I think is key at Sonoma in a GT350R... it is just plain fun to drive. Sounds like the GT500 will instill in you even more confidence as you get to know it and from what I have heard now from you and from other owners, you'll have to decide if you like that refinement better, or the 350R "rawness". BTW, I think you also met my friend Matt out there is his GT500 (Rapid Red Metallic). He is another owner of both cars and is having the same reactions you have expressed so well here.

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