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The Times They Are A-Charging

Coz, Very interesting article........anything that will break us away from the way we are hurting ourselves and our environment today deserves some consideration to say the least.....Glad I got that safe emission system option with my Boss.....Just kidding....I think EV's are the next step to undo what's been done to our planet....I'm sure other things will evolve along the way.......if it was easy...anybody could do it.....:banghead:


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An interesting article. The comments address the possibility of catching fire. The initial issue is the resources needed to extinguish a lithium fire. Apples and oranges.
It will be interesting to see what “Common Sense” measures will be needed to protect property.
EV is not going away. Use it to our advantage. We should start an EV and lithium related investment group so we can buy a fleet of high horsepower, ground pounding, gas guzzling, new up and coming GT4 Mustangs with our profits! I'll toss in the first 20 bucks. That's enough right?
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This is more about brakes than EV but the developments here could definitely help in racing. The composite or phenolic backing plates could eliminate the need for titanium shims and prolong brake fluid life.


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