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The wife got a new track toy

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You can get the Yamaha Vino (iirc the name right) scooters with the little motor and it is like $200 in parts to double the displacement with some parts from the dirt bikes. Makes them a lot more fun to ride.
CaliMR said:
What motor does it have? There isn't a motor made that somebody hasn't hotrodded.
Honestly I have no idea. It's a 49cc so no motorcycle license or plates required. Just got it so she can get around the track to the different corners a little easier than taking the pickup. I think we spent a sum total of 10 minutes shopping and haven't even ridden it yet :D Picking it up Tuesday and ordered a scooter chock for tying it down in the trailer.


Looks like a nice add to the track day hustle.
Needs--Brembos, new suspension, roll bar, seat, and other stuff in your signature. ;D
ArizonaGT said:
Nice. My woman has been scouring CL for a pit scooter for a while, but we haven't found the "right" one yet...
We went "disposable" $800...... in her words "that's only 2/3s of the set of tires you just bought"


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
You are going to have to order mini versions of the tracks from for her windshield now.

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