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This has my name on it ...

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Can't wait for a chance at this!

Going to do some learning at a smaller track in a couple of weeks but really want to get out on one of these ;D ;D ;D
Hopefully I will learn to shift by then, lol, and not sure if I will need a pair of Depends for the first time I turn out on the oval but can't wait to see!

Got this email today, I won't make it that soon but it gets the heart pumping

Our event this Saturday May 7th at Homestead will be a 9AM to 5PM event with 3 run groups. Each run group will have five 25 minute sessions. We will no longer have anyone else share the track with us so parking is not limited to the East side. You will be able to park anywhere you want.

Any driver who registers for Saturday's event at Homestead will receive a free entry to the SCCA Autocross being held at Bank Atlantic Center Saturday May 15th. All you have to do is email me to be added to the list.

Any mother who attends this event will receive a free lunch for mother's day. It is not limited to registered drivers. We encourage you to bring your mother to one of our events so they to can enjoy a day at the track.

Henry Gilbert
Yeah I'd love to do my best Matt Kenseth imitation on that track. :) Have fun!

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