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This sucks

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Sorry if it's anyone here. At least it's fixable. I'm not sure they can deliver it as new if it has been damaged like that though. Anyone else know?



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Wonder what new line of work the former detailer will shoot for next? Glad he managed to damage 2 vehicles while he was at it... FAIL


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Joe BOSS said:
Sorry if it's anyone here. At least it's fixable. I'm not sure they can deliver it as new if it has been damaged like that though. Anyone else know?

They surely can, that's just cosmetic damage.
NOT a big deal at all!!!! That's just a bumper skin. Just make sure they new one is painted well and you will be absolutely fine!!! Don't lose sleep over it.
There's a Chevy dealership here that had a customer order in a Vette (not sure what model) and watch the lot boy ball it up right in front of the dealership on his way back from the gas station.

I was a lot boy in high school at the Ford dealership here and if we needed to move ordered in, specialty vehicles(GT500, GT), the GM would be driving.
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Thats does suck but as stated its only cosmetic. Easy fix but I would request a reach around and free oil changes or some type of kiss my ass compensation from the dealership for making me wait even longer. HA HA


Just cosmetic...............I can for sure say he would be ordering way i would buy a car repainted. Nope , no way no how, dont care what they offered me free,


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I agree... i would not take delivery of that car.... Make them swap with another dealer or order a new one... if that is not possible I would negotiate a huge discount! Huge! That is just unacceptable. ???


the ONLY way I would accept it is if they put a bumper cover and parts from another car on the lot............boss specific parts like the grille and splitter they can order dealership re-paint............wait............He11 no!........make him provide a car that aint been wrecked.


I was thinking the same. If I ordered that and waited that long. I would be pretty mad. I know it's only cosmetic and easily repaired, but having you car wrecked before you got it is inexcusable. I would take it but as another said at a HUGE discount. No discount, bring me a new car. I'm sure they will take care of him/her.
Happens more often than most of you probably think. The fact that it happened right before delivery is the only reason he will even find out. There is a certain amount of damage that they are not required to disclose. My bro bought an explorer years ago and he hit the garage door, they pulled off the fender and it was full of bondo. They didn't even replace it. And it is pretty common. I have also twice watched salesmen drop the key box on the window and dent car doors, I'm sure it was fixed and not disclosed.
Accidents like that happen but they still make my skin crawl.

I've always done my own maintenance on all my Mustangs. I purchased an '05 as soon as the S197's were released, this was my very first brand new car, I had always preferred to buy used to save the residual hit. I had parts ordered and sitting in the garage before I took delivery of the car. Fast forward a few months and the dealer called and convinced me to bring my car in for it's first oil change, free of charge. I figured, what the hell... Dropped it off that morning, got a call that afternoon. While detailing the car the tech ran the car through a fence causing bumper, hood, and condenser damage. Best of all, the service manager tried to deny any wrong doing and told me that they weren't going to pay for the damage. Needless to say I threw a fit, had to go all the way up to the dealership GM who heard the story and covered it all without a blink of an eye.


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