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Thunderhill WEST


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Get ready, boys...

I hope this is ready prior to Summer 2014. :)

Thunderhill West has been APPROVED! The Glenn County Planning Commission unanimously voted in favor of the new track extension! Construction is slated to start IMMEDIATELY. Thanks for all of your support!

ArizonaGT said:
When you planning to execute that? I'll be ping-ponging around various Cali tracks June/July next year.

That depends on how much my student loan payments turn out to be ::) (I just finished my BS and MBA). I will proabably do it in a few years for my 50th Bday (that or MMP race school). I plan to do it around Sept-Oct since that seems to be the time I can sign up for the tracks close enough together between HOD and others. I plan to hit LS, Sonoma, Thunderhill, and maybe Button Willow and MMP too if I can schedule it all.
I was at TH today and had a chance to take a lap on the new West track. No it's not quite what you think, it was in a Ford F-350. ;D Anyway progress is looking good and you can clearly make out the track. The track has been graded and the drainage is going in now. There are a couple of really tight turns that make the hairpin turn 11 at Sonoma look easy.

From the photos you can clearly see the elevation change.

Saw this on Facebook. :)


Bill Pemberton

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So did anyone get the tractors lap time???

For racers in the West, the drought is having a unforeseen benefit -- should be no delay getting this track extension done on time?! Looks like a riot and if the entire track is used, can't imagine that the 25 hours of Thunderhill won't become even more popular !!!!??

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