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Tips for Reading, Posting Videos, Photos and Registering on TrackMustangsOnline

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Here's a tip for getting the most out of TMO. Look up at the top of the forum under the TMO banner. Just underneath you will see two links that will greatly enhance your ability to follow threads here at TrackMustangsOnline.

Each day as you arrive click New Posts. This will take you to new threads regardless of their location within the forum. As you get to the end of a new thread, click it again to go back to the list of new threads.

Threads that you have no interest in can be cleared out of your list with the Mark Forums Read feature.

Happy reading!
Video Posting Instructions On TrackMustangsOnline

This is easy. Right click on your favorite youtube video and click on the top option "Copy video URL". Then within the Post Reply box right click and select Paste. That's it, no widgets or tags needed. This works for multiple video sites.

User Profile on TrackMustangsOnline

We encourage TMO members to include their name and location in their user profile. To add them from the Personal Details insert your Name in the Custom Title field under your user ID and your Location in the Location field. Then select Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. See the below example.

After you do this your name will be visible at all times and if you click on the members avatar or Forum ID you'll see their location on a mobile device.

You can also post a photo in your signature by pasting the IMG link in the signature box in the image below.
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Hard to Find Photo Links to Post Photo

With most photos from other websites you can right click on the image and select "Copy Image Location" and then paste that link between the IMG tags in the TMO forum software using the Image button. We see more and more sites that disable this feature. A work around on this is to right click on the image and then select "View Background Image" which either opens up the image by itself or opens a new window with only the image. From there right click and select "Copy Image Location" and use the IMG tags to post your photo. This works most of the time but not 100% of the time. As always click on the photo to enlarge it.
@Mention Feature on TrackMustangsOnline

We added the @Mention feature similar to what you see on FaceBook and other sites. You'll need to go into your profile and select how you'd like to receive notifications. We suggest you use email only but you can use PM as well. We don't recommend selecting both. Let us know if you have any questions on this.
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IMGUR Photo Posting Info for TrackMustangsOnline

More info from ArizonaBoss on posting photos:

Go to and click the blue "upload images" button at the top of the page.
This will open a dialog box for you to select files from your computer.

You will pick the files you want and press the "Start Upload" button.

Once the uploads have completed, you will look to the right of that page near the bottom and see a box that says "BBCode/Forums" with "img" tags. Click the file button next to that box and it will copy the whole "img" string and you can paste it directly into the reply box on any board like this.

You can click the quote button on this post to see what the "img" tags look like for these images.



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