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Tire Mark Cleaner


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
If you are a track rat, you NEED this. Makes cleanup SO easy, wipes tire scuffs right off with almost no effort after 30 seconds to soak in.

You can get it now on Amazon; thank me later.
I ended up going with the WD-40, actually a Walmart knock-off brand and it works great and super fast. Mo money for the tire fund ::)

Before you make fun of me for the "super-tech" brand I did see several GA teams using that brake cleaner at the races ;D
Brake cleaner is brake cleaner, just a matter of chlorinated or not. I use denatured alcohol for most of my parts cleaning, other than just spritzing the brakes when I am bleeding them. Haven't tried it on paint, and probably not going to though.
steveespo said:
I use Mothers but would try Ibiz. Where do you get it and what is Montan Wax?

Google "Ibiz" or click the link'll get the manufacturer/distributor site.

Montan wax, also known as lignite wax or OP wax, is a hard wax obtained by solvent extraction of certain types of lignite or brown coal. Commercially viable deposits exist in only a few locations, including Amsdorf, Germany, and in the Ione Basin near Ione, California.

PropertiesIts color ranges from dark brown to light yellow when crude, or white when refined. Its composition is non-glyceride long-chain (C24–C30) carboxylic acid esters (62–68 weight %), free long-chain organic acids (22–26%), long-chain alcohols, ketones, and hydrocarbons (7–15%), and resins; it is in effect a fossilized plant wax. Its melting range is 82–95 °C.

UsesIt is used for making car and shoe polishes, paints, and phonograph records, and as lubricant for molding paper and plastics. About a third of total world production is used in car-polishing polishes. Formerly, its main use was making carbon paper. Unrefined montan wax contains asphalt and resins, which can be removed by refining. Montan wax in polishes improves scuff resistance, increases water repellence, and imparts high gloss.

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