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Tire question

I have a set of Hankook R-S3's that I've used at about 10 track events (VIR) over the last year. They have pretty decent treat left on them in general and haven't started to "chunk" at all. The edges are worn down of course. I have camber plates and a track alignment.

I generally run in the intermediate group and run in the 2:17-2:20's on the repaved/widened track. I was running 2:18-2:22 on the old surface.

Question is should they be replaced since they have had a fair amount if heat cycles on them now even if the tread is still "okay"? Or do you guys just use them until they are bald? I figure better safe than sorry generally.
As long as they aren't showing cords or damage, you can run them unless:

1. they are heat cycled out and you care what your lap times are; or
2. they are heat cycled out and are scary to drive.

Some tires just get slower, some get unusable when they HC out. I don't know the particular characteristics of those tires.
I use my tires till they are bald, but that is because I'm a broke college student haha. I mean if there is still grip use em just have a spare set ready to go, me and my buddies run our tires till about 1/32 then scrap-em.
I ran the RS3's last year and mine heat cycled out after 30 heat cycles. Another member had the sane thing happen. Supposedly street tires don't heat cycle out but I don't believe it. Mine still had a lot of tread left and I sold them on Craigslist for $160.

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I would say 10 track days and you are done. At the most go for one more. Problem is when they are done and turn to ice you were having great day, till then. Been there done that. Time for new rubber my friend.


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10 track days means at least 40 heat cycles. On a Boss, that does seem like an extreme amount of wear for those tires. It's surprising they still have tread. To that end, and assuming they are not corded or chunked out/dry rotted, how far you push them is really a function of how you drive. If you drive 9/10's all the time and tend to push the tires at the same level, you may want to swap them out. If you are a bit more conservative then I think there's much less of an opportunity to get a "big surprise". Most experienced drivers, and especially ones on a budget like most of us, learn how far to push a tire and how to drive them when they are getting to the end of their useful life. That comes from experience on the track and with that specific tire. At the end of the day, if you have any doubts about your safety then it's time to toss them out.



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Pete is on the money. Economy and racing don't really mix, but there are levels of moderation that can exchange lap time for $. I personally find it hard not to push each session to improve my times whether by 1/10ths or full seconds, so I spend to change pads, rotors, and tires more frequently than some. The all out racers are doing this much more frequently than most of us, (that's where I get most of my tires, 10 lap take offs that have lost that sticker magic). Others can enjoy themselves at 7 or 8/10th of their ability and not use up resources so fast. Ultimately it is you right foot that determines how much money you will spend, if the tires are not worn below the wear bars or dots then they should be fine to run, after 40 sessions if they aren't worn out then they weren't run hard or are a 200 tread wear tire, they certainly won't be as fast as a set with 5 sessions on them though.
Keep an eye on the wear and how they feel on track.
Unless you're hardcore or have a huge budget, I'd reverse them on the wheels do the wheels, scrape them and add some "traction in a can". They can still be used for warmups and general setup when getting to know the track exceeds going fast. My motto..use it up, wear it out, eat it all..
Thanks guys!! I went ahead and bought a new set of hankooks. I kept the old ones still too incase I need a spare or something.

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