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Tire size

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Hi all!

I just destroy my front stock Pirelli after ~2500miles and a 2 day HPDE :mad:
I was looking at Tirerack for new one but they don't have a very good choice in the stock size.
What kind of trouble will I have if I go with a 255/35R19 vs the stock 255/40R19? It's about 1" smaller.
I was looking at the Bridgestone RE-11.

Why would you have trouble? If your car is lowered then maybe you'll scrape getting into the driveway because of the 0.5" drop? If you have adjusted your camber, then your wear might change (maybe). I don't see any other significant effects though since its a non-driven wheel.


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florian, your front tire wear is typical for these cars. you can run a marginally smaller tire up front, but too much will upset the traction control. you should be ok with that 1" shorter tire.

as a suggestion, since you need tires anyhow, i would recommend a wider tire. you will just wear right through your next set as fast. i went with a 285 on the stock 19x9 up front and it has served me well. i lasted 3 days on the stock 255's and going on 2 years and 8 track days with the 285's. i don't necessarily recommend a 285 as it is a bit too wide for a 9" wide wheel, but a 275 would be a good fit.
Thanks for the advice.
I read about the traction control issue so that why I asked. Better be safe than sorry.

I know I should put more rubber on my car but I planned it latter this year. I thought the Pirelli were better than that.
As for now I ordered the BFG Sport comp 2 and hope they will hold till August when I got the money for new rim and tire.

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