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Tire Sizes for 9.5 BBS wheels

Just getting some feedback here. I have been running Hankook RS3's 285/35/18's square on 9.5 BBS wheels, descent tire for the money. I was looking at the NT01's and the Pirelli Trofeo's as an upgrade. Has anyone run the 295/30ZR18 (98Y) XL Trofeo's on 9.5 wheels? How about the NT01's? If NT01's, which size square?
275 NT01's should be a noticeable improvement over 285 RS3's. They won't last as long though.
Got it. I'm going to dig into the 295 Trefeo's a little more. Guy said they may require a spacer but last 1.5-2 seasons...
I wouldn't put 295's on 9.5".
Check out Pirelli's site and see if they have a chart that lists recommended wheel sizes. More than likely, the minimum size for 295's will be 10"
What are your thoughts on the 25.10" diameter for a mustang with the Trofeo's? That seems like a pretty low profile sidewall when pressing so hard on the track. Almost 2" lower than spec. Just curious as to peoples thoughts how that may be on the track. The 275 Nitto's will work but looking for the next level so to speak....

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One of our club members uses 295/30-18 A7 Hoosiers and they seem to be doing very well. I talked to a Lotus with Trofeos and we was not very happy with the life he got from them, they looked pretty shot after half a season.
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Not all tires will be symmetrical from one manufacturer to another. Refer to my thread about my Pirelli PZero 305 slicks being the same width as my Nitto NT01 275's. You will have to look at the actual specs of the tire, not just the size i.e. a 305 from one manufacturer might be the same width as a 285 from another or visa versa. Hope that makes sense.


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