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Tire wear on low/medium speed tracks + Camber Q

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Who here has tracked a bone stock Boss at low/medium speed tracks?
I'm curious to know how the tire wear has been--especially the outside edges of the fronts.
In my experience, it's these low/medium speed tracks that are the worst on tire and brake wear.

I know that the wear can be handled with some additional camber--and that's fine. I've done this all the time in the past (and to also alter handling balance). But for those who have done this: How much of the car's initial balance was altered? For now, as I'm totally new to the car and have even yet to hit a track day with it yet (in 2 weeks I will!), I want to preserve the stock balance while I figure things out...and then adjust out from there.

But knowing that camber bolts are so cheap, and can pro-long tire's super worth it! Just want to know if a setting like -2 camber still retains the stock handling characteristics of the car.

Thanks in advanced!

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