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To mod or not to mod?


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
Cali - So now you know we expect a video ! You batter rear-mount that camera so we can see him ;D
CaliMR said:
I'll mount front, 5.0 can mount rear, and we can box him in ;D
Ha, I'll definately be slowing him down so you'll be able to pass him like he's standing still. :eek:
5 DOT 0 said:
Central to all of us? Laguna Seca is in Central California. ;)

Funny I thought the world revolved around FL ??? ;D I'm looking into getting a place near Sebring with 5 acres, now you northern guys can have a place to winter store you trailers and try to catch me at Daytona and my other open all season tracks :D
Jza1736 said:
It is central, but a lot too far for me ::)

If you guys are serious about an annual get-together, the way they do it on the Bullitt site IMBOC is rotate the location East-Central-West to give everyone a chance. Since there are so many Bosses in Texas (and Mustangs in general), they could organize their own thing like the Texas Bullitt-Mach1 Shootout.
We could do regional meets, pick a track day and just mob it. Laguna Seca would be a good one if west coasters can make it, as it is in the name of some of the cars and all. If we got enough people we could rent out tracks too. Some are pretty expensive, but Thunderhill is about $3k for a whole day with corner workers. That is where we do it a few times a year, and if you get enough people it isn't bad. We do it with bikes and cars, but then there is always arguments about who gets the most time. IMO if you get more time by % you should pay more by % but the bike guys seem to disagree.

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