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Torsen T2R failure? rear suspension problem?

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Duane Black

Curbs go brrrppp
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Durham, NC
I think my Torsen T2r is out. I've been running at vir and i thought it was tires... like pulling off t1 under heacy lateral load the rpms would suddenly jump. it did it every so often. at roebling and i thought it was a cold michelin s9m thing.

this last session at vir i came off the track thinking i had a flat tire. its ass was everywhere under cornering and there's a distinct whine under throttle.

sound like the t2r took a shiznit?

it felt like this guy describes...

should i go back with an eaton true trac?
are you recomending a locker? or is that someone's name,?
lockers were sort of popular back in the 70s but because of their characteristics most road racers went back to a clutch plate limited slip, I still remember guys at the drags lining up their car 3 times, backing it up then doing a couple of chirpies to make sure their Detroit Lockers were engaged before they launched.

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