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Towing With A Mustang

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Here is some information on the Draw-Tite site. Although towing is not recommended for a Mustang it can be done. Need to look closer at fitment on BOSS. GT500 is listed as a fitment.

#24863 fits 2012 and 2013...probably previous years too.
This is the trailer Miata and Vette guys tow around here

I have one I use for carrying equipment on our ranch, it is not the best built piece available but it is cheap and street legal. It is about as cheap as you can get for street legal afaik, so you can just buy it and then build your own trailer around the frame piece if you want.

The other option I have seen is the Tire Tail, it is what I am looking into for my other car as I just don't have room for even that tiny trailer at home.

This seems to be the website, though once you click in to get to the Tail it doesn't show anything
Having added a "Tow Package" to my 2007 Shelby GT, I am hugely disappointed with the setup available for the 2012 BOSS 302...



The basic issue with the BOSS is how the rear lower facia (the black part with muffler cutouts) is attached to the rear frame of the 2012's...

With the 2007 version, there was a huge gap between the rear cross member and the edge of the lower facia where the hitch could "hide" behind and not be seen... Other than the square tube for the receiver, there was nothing sticking out or hanging down... You could even patch the wiring into the rear taillights and run it down thru an extra grommet in the spare tire well... Very clean and functional setup...

Now with the 2012, because of the way the entire lower facia wraps underneath the rear cross member, the hitch manufactures are forced to drop the hitch itself to where just about everything (except for the plates that connect the hitch to the rear frame rails) is exposed... And because of the difference in the taillights being LED, they don't recommend simply patching into the OEM wiring...

And unfortunately, you need to remove & replace the MUFFLERS every time you wanted to re-install the hitch... Thereby making it virtually impossible to use as needed, and take it off when not towing... SO needless to say, I am bummed...

One of the coolest things (besides finding a "matching" cover for the trailer) I did was add a "Tow Loop" to a blank receiver so that I had it available when I took the SGT to the Track... Even managed a trip from KC out to Las Vegas for the 50th BASH where I averaged 18 MPG while towing approx 1,200# (Including the trailer weight) at 75 MPH... Coming back home had to detour thru Vail, CO (10,000' Elevation) due to I-40 being closed across Northern AZ due to Snow...

But FWIW, there is a specific WARNING in the BOSS 302 Supplement against TOWING... Not sure why there would be a difference between 2007 & 2012, since the basic frame (S197) hasn't changed... Unless it is because of the TorSen Diff???

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