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Track App Idea

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I have an idea for an android track app I want to make. Wanted to get your feedback. This would probably be a plugin to the Torque app for starters.

So I thought about an app that would track your progress around a specific track using GPS of course. But it would monitor your braking zones, speed, throttle, etc against your lap times and learn where your optimal braking behavior is, as well as your speed. After gathering this data and identifying your best lap times (or maybe segment times even), it can then be used in 'alert' mode.

So there's 'learn' mode and 'alert' mode.

In alert mode, it would try to inform you when you are off your target speed for the portion of track you are on and also alert you where your optimal braking zone should be based on your location and current speed. This is designed so you can repeat your best times and also know how hard and when to brake given the current circumstances of your vehicle. Which is a hard thing to do in racing, mentally. It uses your historic best times and does some predictive analysis.

In alert mode, your phone could simply show a color field of green,yellow,red or perhaps different intensities or flashing cues to given your peripheral vision a message that you should be braking, accelerating, etc. Sort of like in Forza video games the virtual braking meter you see on the track, it is red when you need to brake hard but turns yellow or green when you're going correct speed.
Maybe when google glasses come out, I will make one for it that shows in your field of view right over the track (someday!).

It will log all this data and output something like a KML to be analyzed later in google earth.

Sorry for the long post. Thoughts?

I like the idea. Now if you can make a Harry's Lap Timer version for iOS I'll like it even more. ;)


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I'd be curious how you could get the software to auto recognize brake zones in real time. Or is this part of a config after the track has already been mapped ? Also do you see an issue with available CPU on single processor phones since I assume you need a separate thread to do background calcs all the time...



Its done by using gps logging and recording OBD2 brake and throttle pids.
It probably could be done using just gps. It keeps record of your best laps and speeds throughout that lap. When your speed differs from your best lap it would flash an up or down arrow or something along with audible or color indicators to inform you how hard to accelerate or brake to get your speed back in range. Its a simple calc and performed during the gps or obd2 update so no new threads needed. Make sense?

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