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Track Day at Thunderhill 9-25-11

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Here's a few photos of my first track day in my Boss at Thunderhill Raceway Park outside Willows CA. I attended the Hooked on Driving event and had a great time (of course). They really ran a tight program and provided a lot of instruction for first timers like me. I got hooked up with a coach that knows how to drive flat out. I got along with him very well and he drove with me all five sessions. He also took me out in his track prepped Z06 and that car can fly.

My Boss ran well and only one car could keep up with me on the straights in my run group. My favorite part of the day was passing a guy driving a new Porsche Carrera GTS, several times, and my coach had taught him the previous day. ;) My car was mostly stock with DOT 4 fluid, the brake cooling duct kit, and trans cooling scoop. I experienced a bit of brake fade during my last two sessions when I was pushing the car harder so a brake pad upgrade will be in order before my next track day.

Something I never thought I'd do: drive my Boss in the rain on purpose and drive my Boss in the rain at a track event. I'm glad I got that out of the way early. ;D

Heading out to the starting grid with my coach.

My coach's track prepped Z06 with roll bar, six point harnesses, Stoptech brakes, CCW wheels, and R compound tires. This thing was bad a$$.

Out on the track when it was dry.

And my pit crew at Subway on our way home.

My son's favorite car at the event: a Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider. Only 499 of these were made. Nice.
rmaginnis said:
Sounds like a great day despite the rain. What wheels and tires are you running? 18" all around?

The stock Pirelli P Zero's on the 19x9 and 19x10 SVT PP Ford Racing wheels. The Pirelli's worked much better in the rain than I expected. BTW I ran with the nanny on all day, no way was I turning it off in the rain.

Welcome to BMO, good to see you over here.
Yes it did clear up. The first session was raining with wipers on and windows down. :mad: Talk about pucker power...I was not digging running in the rain. And I was surprised how fast I went considering how wet it was. With the nanny on the car didn't get too squirley in the corners and was fine in a straight line. The second session was wet buy drying out and no rain. The other three sessions were dry and pedal to the metal.
5 DOT 0 said:
Very cool! Thunderhill is on my bucket list.
There is a LOT of elevation change there, much more than any video can show.

Cool. The elevation changes at Road Atlanta are a lot steeper than they look in the videos too. I can't wait until the new Atlanta Motorsports Park opens- it looks really challenging.

Jza1736 said:
Yes but only with the Optional LS snow plow
For those of you thinking about the LS splitter who are beginners or novices you should think again. This is the second LS I've seen or read about in the past week that got off course and did serious damage to the front end. My crack pit spy (son) took this photo. The guilty party is holding the helmet...

I did a track day with the NorCal Shelby club today and had a great time. There were some really fast 1st gen and Fox body Mustangs out there. I have some video and I'll try and get that posted later this week. Here's a few photos:

Waiting on pit lane with my race car with a license plate ;)

Out on track

My pit crew getting ready to wave the checkered flag for a run group and him looking at more ways to spend my money. ;D
The Boss splitter is a little more flexable but if it did get caught on something off track it would also rip off. Far less damage would occur but still the way it is bolted up the same parts would need replacement. Minus the center section would make less to catch but the sides could get caught up on something.
Looks like you had a blast, Rick. I wish I could just take off and head out west in late November. HOD has dates for Thunder Hill, LS, and Infineon all close enough together so that I could hit all 3. Just a matter of vacation time and money, as usual.

I am heading out to Roebling Road on Friday, but it is boring in comparison- flat and all sweeping turns. I just want the decal for my back window. ;)
I guess it will be a good warm-up to get the feel of the new car. I just turned over 1,000 miles today. ;D


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