Track Day Solutions #59 '12 Boss and Aluma Trailer For Sale

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    2012 Boss 302 with Aluma 8250 20’ Aluminum Tilt trailer



    2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca LS-378 for sale. This is a track-only car that s 100% sorted out, has no known issues or repair needs and is ready for the track. Odometer is at 13,129. It is one of the fewer Boss 302’s in existence with no overheating issues when run hard at the redline running a stock radiator with distilled water and RedLine water wetter. This is a very capable and very balanced car capable of significant G’s with the current 315 square tire setup. This car currently is not stripped and weighs a bit less than the stock 3620 lbs. In the right hands it can easily run a sub minute lap at Lime Rock Park. Engine is very strong with no issues or history of issues other than the original “ghost misfires” that all Bosses were experiencing, which was resolved with a new engine wiring harness, Ford Racing high RPM pulse ring and the updated crankshaft sensor with O-ring. Updated MT-82 with a McLeod dual plate RXT clutch has two seasons on it with no shifting issues.

    For those that know me I'm no BS. Why sell the car now with it being so sorted out? I need a change. I'm chasing laps times and just not enjoying it as it's become competitive within myself. I miss having a killer luxury sport DD, which I can't honestly do if I keep up the dedicated track car thing. I feel VERY comfortable selling her the way she is now - just about as perfect as she can get without more major investment. Anyone who wants no headaches and just jump on the track with a car will appreciate this one.

    Email me at for pics.

    · Engine
    o 100% stock mechanicals, runs very strong. “Like new” is not an overstatement.
    o All coil packs replaced last season
    o Mike Rousch tune in 2017, redline set to 7800. A/F ratio pushed slightly rich to protect engine. No misfires, backfires, hesitation, etc.
    o SCT X4 tuner with current tune and original Ford tune still programmed.
    o Carbon fiber cold air intake with MAF sensor restrictor removed (for tune).
    o Dual JLT catch cans

    · Transmission/Drivetrain
    o Stock MT-82 refreshed in 2016. Has become very reliable with the elimination of the stock clutch
    o MGW first generation shifter
    o Blowfish racing shifter bracket w/Integrated NHRA Legal Driveshaft Safety Loop.
    o McLeod dual plate RXT clutch installed in 2016
    o McLeod lightweight aluminum flywheel
    o DSS aluminum drive shaft

    · Suspension/Aero
    o APR rear wing
    o Laguna Seca front splitter
    o MCS race grade dual adjustable dampers front and rear installed in 2016. Not close at all to needing a refresh.
    o Eibach coilover springs, #600 front & #275 rear
    o H&R adjustable sway bar up front
    o Stock Laguna Seca sway bar in rear (mates with the #275 rear springs well)
    o Ford Racing LCA’s front and rear
    o Ford Racing rear LCA relocation brackets
    o Cortex bump steer kit
    o Cortex Watts Link
    o Vorshlag camber plates
    o Just installed front Ford Racing hubs/bearings
    o Just installed Ford rear bearings

    · Brakes
    o Just installed S550 6 pot Brembo front brakes with 15” rotors
    o Just installed GT500 rear brake kit with fresh stock rear calipers
    o Just installed Pagid brake pads (RST-3 front, RST-4 rear)

    · Exhaust
    o Kooks LTH’s
    o Kooks 3” pipes
    o Kooks X-Pipe
    o Kooks high flow lightweight mufflers
    o Custom made removable resonators based on SuperTrapp diffusers (for Db limited tracks)

    · Wheels/Tires
    o Just installed Apex 18” x 11” wheels
    o BF Goodrich 315/30-18 R1S slicks with less than 2 hours on them. Almost new.
    o Second set of Apex wheels available at additional cost.

    · Interior
    o Sparco quick release racing steering wheel
    o OMP racing seats (2) HTE-R XL
    o Adjustable seat rails
    o Cooltech ½ Roll Cage, Red, Padded
    o Stereo delete with Rehegan Racing center panel, data logger and rear diff cooler switches
    o Schroth 6 point harness system (driver and passenger)
    o Chrome fire extinguisher on floor mount with quick-release pin

    · Data/Camera
    o TraqMate data acquisition system with engine tach monitoring and Go-Pro Hero camera control (Go-Pro Hero camera and roll cage mount included)

    · Other

    o Setrab dual fan rear differential radiator with Tilton Engineering pump. System can be manually triggered from an on dash switch but also has a 185 degree emergency switch which will engage the pump if the rear diff temp hits 185 degrees. Pressure release is through an in-trunk AllStar reservoir system (typically is bone dry).
    o Blowfish racing battery relocation and mains shutoff kit
    o Quick release pin hood locks
    o AeroForce digital multi-gauge wired into the OBD-II port.

    · Stock Parts
    o Over 95% of the original parts including rear seat delete, seats, springs, panels are available.

    · Trailer
    o Aluma Model 8220 20’ - tilt bed ramp length, total deck length 23’.
    o Spare tire mount
    o Front mounted lockable tool/accessory box
    o Dual axle Torsion suspension, electric brakes, larger aluminum wheels,
    o Tilt Trailer - still requires Race Ramps (included) due to low height of the car’s nose.
    o Very good working condition other than hydraulic to control rate of decent, which has a leak and needs repair. Hydraulic system is not required to use the trailer effectively.

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    This car is the real deal worth the price without the trailer.

    Someone is going to get a great cars and trailer ready to play.

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    Pete - I am sad to hear you selling it although understand your reasoning. It is a fabulous car that you were kind enough to let me ride with you in several years back at Lime Rock. I am sure you will do well with the sale as you have taken meticulous care of it!
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    Wow, this is a good buy.
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    Amazing car and price. GLWS
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    Sorry to see it go Pete


    are the other rims you have Apex also?
    And are you selling them? I'm in the market for rims to clear the S550 brakes.

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