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Track key and Windows 7

Maybe I am just out of touch with the rest of the world, but I just found out that Trackey is compatible with Win 7.

Edit: changed title to "Windows" for clarification.


Resident Mental Patient
Re: Track key and Win 7

Did you find this out via an email from someone wanting to know if you are interested in meeting single women in your area? Viagra for only $3.99 a pill? How to make thousands for only pennies a day?

Grant 302

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Im not sure that means anything useful, even if it's true in some obscure way.

A PC laptop used to upload TracKey on my Boss may have been running Windows 7...but it was certainly using a specific Ford based software to do it.
LOL, no. I thought I read it somewhere, so I called Ford Racing to confirm. Steve at tech. said it was compatible. Until now, I was under the impression that all Trackey install and diagnosis needed to be done on a computer running on Win XP.

Maybe I have been working too much lately to not find out about this sooner. I wanted to get the word out to those who, like myself, did not know about this revelation.
When I went to have my Trackey installed last year, the original dealer told me they could not do it because it required a computer running Windows XP. So I called FRPP and they confirmed this. But now since it has been changed it opens a larger choice of dealers to take the car to for repairs.

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