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Track key strange behavior?

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Twice since I have taken the Boss out of storage, i have experienced a strange stall when i try to get on it. I would punch it after downshifting into second and it almost seems to backfire, then nearly stall, the suddenly jolt forward like I would expected initially. Almost like the behavior of a carburetor getting too much fuel all at once. Anyone else have this with track key? Is this bad winter gas? I have put in probably 3/4 of a tank of new fuel since getting out of storage. But both times were when i was trying to be cool, and end up looking really lame. ;)


Having more fun than should be my Boss
Did you remove the negative cable during storage? Or removed the battery for storage? I know one the wiser people on the forum here said the vehicle might need to go through a relearning process ( for idling etc.) after the power has been removed from the ECU. Perhaps this might be what your experiencing....but unfortunatley I'm a noob and not one of the wiser individuals here :(.

Good Luck...Please let us know what you come up with.

I doubt it will fix it, but it won't hurt to run some engine cleaner through it. I have driven mine a few times this last week on fresh gas here in MA, so I doubt it is your fuel. Unless you bought some really bad stuff. But that makes me start to wonder about buying premium gas in the early spring. You gotta figure that most of the cars that require it are off the road, so how long has that gas been sitting? So with that logic, maybe the best way to go for the first good driving month is 89 and add bottled octane? Won't hurt to try adding octane. If it is the gas the knock sensors might be fighting you.

You didn't mention using the normal key, so definitely try that first before you bring it to a dealer. And check the air filter for leaves, nests, or Camaros.
Not sure if it was with the Track Key, but I had that same experience. I was doing about 55 and downshifted to 3rd and stepped on it and nothing. It seemed like forever, but was probably less than a second and then it accelerated like I was expecting. Like "bridge to engine room, full power, ring ring, Engine room to bridge, full power aye!" :)
Thanks guys, glad to know it wasnt just me, maybe like was mentioned it is a traction control thing, or winter gas. I am looking for stations in my area that sell 100% gas at 91 octane or higher and will try that. I am quite positive there are no leaves in my intake ;)
That ABSOLUTELY is what it feels like when traction control kicks in. The engine just dies, like you turned it off. Then it sputters a bit. Then it lurches back close to full power.

It sucks, and for some reason it doesn't always happen. But if you just get in the habit of turning off TC, you'll never have to deal with it.

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