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Track Key

the TracKey launch control automatically engages when the car is at a complete stop; depress the clutch completely and then depress gas pedal all the way to the floor; You will see the RPM's increase then stop at your programmed RPM level.

However, should not affect normal driving. e.g. I'm at stop sign and I release the clutch and accelerate normally (whatever that means to you).

Results may vary. I've had no issues with Launch control activation with normal driving.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
rpm3dinc said:
I haven't tried this yet, because its been raining here, so I dont' want to take the BOSS out in the rain, but when driving with the TrackKey, does the RPM setting on Launch control have any effect on normal driving? Especially starting in First or second gear? The Regular Key doesn't seem to "almost die or to need more gas to get the car going under normal driving", but the TrackKey seems to require much more throttle to get the car going or it almost dies starting in first or second gear from a stop under normal driving conditions..

Anyone else notice this? Or am I simply trying to save the clutch to much?

Its almost like the difference between a 2 stroke Motorcycle and a 4 stroke... 2 stroke requires much higher revs to get rolling, while a 4 stroke just goes as long as there is a little throttle being used.

Either you're working the clutch in an odd manner or your car needs to be re-flashed.
Driver's side and it has to be visible iirc, I put mine on the back side (facing the driver, not the grill) since that is the only large exposed surface, due to the insulation wrapped around the rest.

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