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Track Sculptures


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
While technically not a track day or HPDE, I've come across a few websites that those of us who take it to the track might be interested in and I wanted to share. My wife got me these pretty cool metal track sculptures which are only a few square inches in area (think slightly bigger than track outlines on the cars) but a friend on Facebook liked a site that makes 3' by 2' wooden or 'carbon fiber' tracks. Perfect for a man cave or garage right? Here are two sites that I've come across that do these. I have no personal experience with either and am debating on getting one (or more) made for the tracks I've been on to remember my experiences. &

Check them out.

As an aside, with the metal sculptures and knowing that in the military we like to commorate a career with a shadow box of all of the accomplishments a person has when they retire, I'm thinking I could do something like that with those sculptures and a picture of me on each of the tracks. Basically, a huge frame with a metal outline of the track underneath a picture of me on the track. Just an idea I had today that I thought I'd share with fellow track rats.

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Really cool site. Thanks for posting as am thinking of redoing a basement room and actually like the wall sculpture idea. Now I have to decide which of the 20+ tracks I have run I would want -- on second thought do you realize how much money you have just caused me, geez!!??


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
I wonder if that's where my wife got me the 3 little ones for Christmas. I'll have to ask.

I also have placed an order with track-sculptures for a small MRLS in carbon fiber. They were/are offering 10% off because they recently reached 20k likes on facebook. I believe the code is 'likes20k' if it is still available. I'll be sure to take pictures and post them up when I receive it. I went with them over Linear Edge because shipping was free and the 10% off. Otherwise the pricing is pretty similar (sizes are about the same) and both include everything you need to hang them, so it seems like personal preference.
As a cheaper alternative I was thinking about buying track decals and putting them between 2 sheets of plexy or panes of glass. I have track decals on my rear window of the tracks I have driven but they only last so long. You could probably make a nice display with a dozen tracks for a hundred or so.
I picked up a Laguna Seca Track Sculpture with the Carbon Fiber top for Christmas. I love it. Really nice piece and will look great with one of the pro photos from my Laguna Seca track day.

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