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Track tires for 19"

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I have the boss 302s 19" wheels and I have been using hankook Evo v12 tires for the track. I'm ready to step up to some r compound tires and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? I'm having a hard time finding anything in 19" size! I want something that is dedicated for the track so no need for street tires. I was looking a Hoosier but nothing in 19".

Let me know! Thanks!
Thanks. I'm pretty new to this but the stock tires I have on there are

Front - 255/40zr19
Rear - 285/35zr19

The R6's dont come in those exact sizes, do you know which sizes they offer would work?
haha...sorry about that. I scrolled right down to the Sizes Chart and didn't even notice you actually had the actual size posted!

I don't run road courses (well 1 last weekend but it was an autox setup) but autox and going to Hoosier feels like cheating!!!!

If you PM me, I can send you info on a place to get the tires with free shipping you can check out.

Link to Hoosier catalog.

Link to Care and Safety Guide
I've used the Hoosier R6 265/35 and 295/30 on the 19x9 and 19x10 Motorsports wheels for track events. It is important to maintain the 30mm tire width stagger front to rear to work with the suspension set up for the Boss, i.e. to maintain cornering balance. The Hoosiers have great stick but the wear is high. I only got two track days out of a set, and could maybe squeeze in a third event but one rear is marginal. However, wear was balanced over the front tread by running -2.5 camber. I also used the LS rear swaybar on my standard Boss because I hate understeer, but it was nowhere near too loose to drive, with a very controlled breakaway. I used the #5 setting on front shocks and #4 on the rears at Mid-Ohio. Starting pressures 30psi front and 28 rear.

I'm now considering the Yoko Advan Neova AD08, same sizes as the Hoosiers, and there’s also a 275 and 305 offered in 19". This tire seems to be getting good ratings by street and track drivers, not only for handling and stick, but for wear. Anyone who has tried the Yokos, please post your impressions


I run the AD08's on my GT3 and love them. Very stiff sidewall, good grip and like heat. Top dry street tire and fair wet tire.

I have Michelin Pilot Super Sports on the Boss and they are also very good. Sidewall is a little softer so the ride is better like heat but not quite as sticky as the AD08 in the dry but absolutely the best wet tire I have driven next to Hoosier radial wets.

I do have a set on 265/35 19 and 295/30 19 Michelin PSS with one track day and 1000 miles for sale for 50% off new


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