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Track Tour: Buttonwillow

Since I missed out on Laguna Seca, I was jazzed to see the email yesterday for the 2016 Track Tours of the GT-350! Signed up for May 5th at Buttonwillow. Anyone else signed up? I'll be down that way anyways for a marathon May 1st in San Luis Obispo, and then staying through my birthday to visit the grandkids. Busy week!
That's great that you will be going. I've never been to Buttonwillow before but hope to make it down that way soon.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I haven't been there yet but I've been studying a lot of tape as I have two trips planned there this year.

Here's a blistering lap from the driver that won the national championship in my class the last two years in NASA, if you want to aim high:

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Have fun, Andy! Not my favorite course, but I'd sign up in a heartbeat if 2nd invites were possible.

And anything near/sub 2 minutes is quick IMO. That 1:46 is smokin'!
Soooo it turns out my youngest daughter enlisted in the Navy two weeks ago, and her basic training graduation is scheduled for May 6th, the day after Buttonwillow. As much as I'd love to drive the GT-350, I love my daughter more and don't want to chance missing her graduation. Looks like my spot will go to someone on the waitlist...
Bay Area
Is anyone else here on TMO going to Buttonwillow? I'll be down there tomorrow afternoon so if anyone wants to meet up PM me and we can figure it out.

Rick - ill try to get pics for you.
Bay Area
ArizonaBOSS said:
Great turnout indeed.

How much of the track did they let you guys run?


Ok bear with me since I can't just edit a pic and post it.
We started in the pits and took the following turns of the course.
I-5 straight
Dog leg
Zorro corners
back to the straight

Three laps driving and three as a passenger.

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