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Track Tour: Laguna Seca


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
steveespo said:
My God did no one clock anyone's lap times? Nick, I can't believe you did not bring the AIM to plug in......
You yentas should be on the promotional DVD... ;) Just kidding, Mega jealous. Well maybe only half kidding about the lap times. Drew is good for a 1:40.2 if I recall.

1:37.8 as of last time I was there ;)

I'd bet the 350R will run 36s or 35s with a capable driver that knows the track.
Still nothing. I figured it was just mine as maybe they were embarrassed when they saw the short length and that my ride along instructor lost count between 1 and 2 laps and had me finish with only one lap. Nobody got it yet?

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Video Finally Arrived!

Got it last night and there are 3 videos. One Hot lap from someone that was not me. The in car camera on me(which was pretty boring, but I wanted it to overlay with the out the window lap which I didn't get), and the following was the professional compilation with my in car camera and Interview overlayed. It seems to be a quality piece:

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Mine just came in... nice little USB drive with the GT350 and Ford Performance logos on it.

No footage of my driving...the included exterior hot lap looks like an 'easy' 1' 39.x".
got mine last night too.
my 'lap video' was of my third (and final, or 'in') it starts with the instructor saying 'let's back it down a bit' and then he's asking me how I like the car, how it feels through T6, etc...all while I'm still trying to crank out another fast lap. finished with a nice compliment that I'll keep around in my video archives...but the rest of the stuff is kinda fluff. Then again, I'm not that much into chachki's...I put my disc / rotor gift in the recycling the day before I realized they might fetch real money on ebay. oh well. they're all nice gestures and I'm glad I was able to go. I'd rather just have my car though.

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