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TracKey Driving First Impressions...

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I had the TracKey installed a few weeks ago and have been doing most if not all of my street driving with it ever since. I got to put it on the track last week for the first time. I did about a 20 minute session with all driving aids "off". I noticed when driving home on wet roads and accelerating a slight hesitation that didn't feel like traction control kicking in, but wasn't 100% sure it wasn't, so I was anxious to see what it felt like in a controlled environment on a familiar track.

I let my car warm for at least 15 minutes before heading out to the track. My first few laos were taken at a moderate pace to again allow proper warm up of brakes and tires. I am still on the OEM tires and brakes even after over 12,000 miles and several track sessions. During these laps I felt the "hesitation" again out of a few turns, but as everything warmed it seemed to fade away. I finally started pushing hard after about 4 laps and it just felt a little "off" coming out of higher speed turns that come out onto up hill sections of the track. I would guestimate my RPM's to have been about 4500 or so as I exited these turns.

I tend to shift my car at about 7,000 and usually take turns a gear higher than what might be considered "optimal" for best lap times. On the Summit Point main circuit, a 10 turn 2 mile track I use 3rd and 4th for most of it and hitting 5th briefly on the front straight. I know most take turn 3 and 10 in third, and I usually do the same for 3, but I always use 4th for 10 and have no issue hitting 140 plus on the main straight. So, with that little bit of info added, I felt the hesitation in 4th coming out of 3, and in 3rd coming out of 9, both turns exit uphill but 3 goes to the left and 9 to the right.

Anyone else notice hesitation using TK?

I also have no codes in my almost 13,000 miles and have done 3 oil changes using Castrol 5w-50 each time at 1400 miles, 6900 and 11,900 miles.

Additionally, I notice some hesitation and slight surge under steady cruising with silver key when car is cold in the morning, so I usually try to let it warm for a few minutes before driving.
I also get a slight hesitation around the 4,000 to 4,500 RPM level on track. It's annoying and I even had an instructor ask me why I was doing it. I of course told him it wasn't me. ;D While I've noticed it before it was very obvious on my last track day. Any others?
Have you tried doing the relearn process? I have heard rumors you need to do it occasionally because the car learns how you drive on the street and then gets confused on the track. There was a thread here about how to do it iirc, but unplugging the battery for 10 min works on most cars.

It could be snake oil, but it is easy enough that why not give it a try. Looks like after resetting it, you need to use the Regular key and let it idle 5 minutes to relearn the idle before using the red key. Also I didn't notice anyone saying how long to leave it disconnected, people said 10 minutes on the forum for my old car.

5DOT0, you said in that thread that you would try it :p

I have no idea if it works btw, neither this car nor any of my older fun cars have had issues since I don't DD them. And it may just be poor calibration of the seat-of-the-pants-o-meter like when people change exhaust cans and swear that the car feels faster.
people usually say wait 10min, because after the battery is disconnected, the ecu has enough charge stored to retains its memory.

on my corolla when i reset the ecu, i disconnect the battery and step on the brakes for a min until the brake lights turn off. not sure if this works on the boss.

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