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TracKey for DD?

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Relapsed Turbo Addict
Although my car isn't a DD, I use the Red Key about 50% of the time...mainly because the gas gauge tends to rocket towards "E" while it's in. ;)
I use the red key for my DD because the car is totally different with the grey one. I don't like it when the revs stay up in between shifts when you are just driving normal. The exhaust sound is way better when the lopey idle kicks, in which is the only music I listen to while driving.
not sure what you mean. it snows here in new england. with the right set of tires this is a pretty capable car.


well not so much in that but:

you can see the hood stripes and snow on the roads:
I too DD my boss - and haven't used the silver key ever since i got the track key re-installed (dealer didn't get it right the first time).

I've noticed a 2mpg drop between the red and silver key, mostly due to the increased engine braking. I no longer can coast on downhills and maintain or gain speed. I've also noticed that rpm's drop faster while clutch is engaged during shifts. IMO the popping and cracking noise while engine braking is worth it.

Using the silver key in the winter isn't a bad idea tho lol


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