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Trackey Help

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Is there anything in the Boss Owner's Kit that would help the dealership activate my Trackey? My Owner's kit is 2 hrs away, so a total of 4 hrs driving, to look inside it. The selling dealership is different than the activating dealership, but the activating dealership is telling me my Trackey has already been registered to my car, but it's certainly not activated. The computer isn't letting them download a new version, so I'm stumped, and so are they? Any help would be appreciated.
Nothing in the Owner's Kit to help. Ford Racing will only sell one Trackey per VIN so how can there already be one registered to your car? I'm assuming you bought the Trackey activation pack yourself.
Fiddler, thanks, I dropped the car off at a dealership in my home town. They have the activation pack, for $300 ish, + 1.5 hrs of labour. They called me to say my car already has a pack registered to my VIN? That's why we are stumped, unless the selling dealer activated or registered Trackey. Even more confusing, I have none of the benefits that come with Trackey in my car as is, so I don't believe it is activated at all. I've personally done nothing other than take delivery of the car, then take it down to have the key activated?

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