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TrackKey Install - Where in DFW area with experience?

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Quick ping of the forum to see if anyone has installed TrackKey yet in DFW area, and where they had it done. With all of the problems dealers have had thus far, and given that my dealer has been unimpressive with simple warranty work on my Boss, I'm hoping to take mine somewhere that has already done one or two and has the process down. Anyone?

Thanks in advance ;)
Bankston Ford of Fort Worth (at 5000 Bryant Irvin Rd Ft Worth, TX 76132) did my TK install and it went off without a hitch. See my write up under General Forum.

Give Dan (the Service Manager) a call at 800-384-6562 and tell him that the guy that bought the LS from them sent you.

I have had excellent customer service regarding my BOSS and everyone has (IMO) gone out of their way to make certain that I was happy.
Thank you sir!

I will wait a few more days to see if anyone else throws in their 2 cents (see if there is one closer to me in Dallas). If not, I'll be giving them a shout! :)
Grapevine Ford did mine.....I was there first Trackey install and they had no problems with mine..Nada...... they also took out the restrictor side pipe exhaust plates no charge....but then again I bought the car from them.


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Diesel - one thought on this, just my personal opinion. There's a lot of posts of problems, but it's a little hard for me to believe that it's the rule vs. the exception. I think the negative press on the TK has been a little overstated.

I had my Boss TK installed in Mass., so I can't advise on a dealer ;D Still, the process is pretty straightforward as long as the dealer is using the correct version of the software app they use on their PC, they have a reliable internet connection and the follow the install instructions exactly as stated by Ford. Whomever you choose to do the install, you may just want them to confirm that they are at the correct REV level of that software. Other than that it's pretty mindless of a install process and not rocket science, nothing that I'd consider truly a risk to your new ride.

Enjoy your new throttle mapping when you are installed !
Grapevine Ford did mine.
They quoted 1hr labor plus $302 for the kit.
At check out it popped up to 1.5 hrs.
They backed it back down to one when I complained.
Watch 'em.

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