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Traction control - very abrupt

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I have had traction control kick in a few times when I forget to turn it off. Usually either in 1st gear when I punch it from a slow roll or on a hard 1-2 shift.

Is it supposed to be this abrupt? When it activates, it shuts down all power. Feels like I've turned off the key, engine just completely dies, and then it sputters for a bit if I stay in it as it senses traction coming and going before allowing full power to hit.



I never get tired of driving it!
Yup. It can be abrupt like that. It has saved a few times when I first got the car when I changed lanes and was accelerating and hit some wet pavement. So, good and bad things about it.
Can't answer about the Boss (still awaiting delivery on mine) but that is exactly what happens on my 06 GT if I don't turn off TC
First time it happened I assumed I had some bad gas or something until I saw the Advance Trac light flash on the dash
On the other end of the spectrum, the stability/traction control has NOT came in when I expected it to. I have swung the rear way out in some pretty high speed turns with all nannies on.. My BMW would never allow that. Right when the car went out of yaw, it would cut power. With the boss, you can steer with the rear with everything on.

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