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transmission cooler air scoop

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For those of you who have installed the trans cooler air scoop, have you had any problems with ground clearance on your Boss 302's?
I have been OK, even when off loading the car in the grass. Gary said it hit a clump of sod that fell off a truck but I have heard of no other problems. It is a quick install so if you are worried you can swap it out for track days.
I plan on removing mine after track days. It's four bolts and will take longer to jack up the car than install and remove the scoop.
One of the service drives into Ford is in really bad shape. Big speed bump going in then a severe angle at the bottom. I'm always cringing that I'll catch the scoop but it always clears. I really think that with the location so near the front tires, it's going to be hard to catch it on anything. I dropped two wheels at BIR a couple months ago and straddled some pretty big curbing doing probably 80 and I thought for sure I'd be buying a new one but it even cleared that so I wouldn't worry about taking it off for street use. Like John said you're probably more likely to catch it at the track off-roading than you are anywhere on the street.
Remember, with the installation of the scoop, there is a new maintenance interval. Every 1000 miles you got to get in there and clean out the squirrel heads.




Too Hot for the Boss!
... and you have to remove it to 'efficiently' change your oil... although if you let it drain into the scoop... and then into your pan, it still works ;)
Thanks guys. It helps a lot people aren't really experiencing any clearance issues. This might be my next mod...
ChuckP said:
No problems with mine. Good point on watching for road kill though!

was thinking the same thing yesterday afternoon when could not have swerved away from a dead racoon ( due to trafic in the oncoming lane) in the middle of the road on small 2 lane black top, I have the trans scoop but didnt install yet :) I'll install the trans cooler when tracking me think !


What if we sharpen the leading edge?
Then we could really slice thru road kill. :)
And the reduced drag might lower our lap times. :D

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