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TruCarbon Radio Bezel

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We have worked with so much carbon fiber pieces on the car, I have come to realize, you need to be creative and a pretty good at making things work that are not an OEM fitting piece. Some pieces take more work than others, but the carbon fiber radio bezel takes it to a new level.
First off, TruCarbon NEVER has or sends any instructions or go by's. The radio bezel is an awesome looking addition if you have the carbon fiber console. In fact, it is almost a "must". When we opened the piece, it looked as it would be pretty simple, but with their design, if you want it to look factory, it wont work. The exterior fit is perfect. The problem is what they do to set the controls in the bezel. They simply put 3M double side tape and I am guessing they want you to un-screw the radio/climate controls and simply stick it to the bezel with the tape. Problem with this is, the buttons stick out over 1/4" and the contour of the bezel does not even work to adhere the controls to the bezel.
You could simply make shims and shim the controls to the plate and stick it with 3M tape, which I think is half-assing it. I took a better route that wasnt too hard. I sacrificed the OEM bezel and using my table saw cut the four strips of the OEM bezel that had the screws for the controls. I ground off face of the bezel thickness to where the control buttons fit to the factory dept. Once I had the pieces the right thickness, I epoxy glued them to the back side of the carbon fiber bezel with 5m epoxy. Once set, the control screws on the carbon fiber bezel just as the OEM bezel. The rest of the bezel fits beautifully and I have to say, the radio bezel along with the console and Boss dash panels is an awesome look. It looks like a factory option, not some stick on or tape on aftermarket junk. Don't really know what they were thinking at TruCarbon when they brought that piece to retail being so far from working well. I can' imagine someone with not much skill trying to install something like that. It would end up looking like crap and not be good promoting the product.
If anyone is interested in the radio bezel install, I can make a detailed instructions for you to have it look factory.
Here are a few pics of the finished product.




2012 500A #1626
Way to go! Your extra effort was worth it, as it does look good and pretty natural.

Now, if they'd make a damn cup holder cover so everyone doesn't have to leave it open to avoid the aftermarket add-on look, that would nice. It kills the look, for me, and that's a shame because the cf console/bezel looks right at home in the Boss.

Again, real nice work!
How long have you had the bezel? I talked to them at SEMA and could have put together a group buy on these pieces but there was little interest. Please post up more details if you have them especially photos.
Now, if they'd make a damn cup holder cover so everyone doesn't have to leave it open to avoid the aftermarket add-on look, that would nice.
No kidding. We talked about that very thing. Why they have not done that I don't understand.

How long have you had the bezel?
Got it last week. Pictures really don't do it justice. With the console and radio bezel, it finished everything off really nicely. I think they must be closed this week, as I tried to call them all day today to see if they have a proper spacer so I didin't have to sacrifice the OEM bezel. doesn't matter though, as we were never going back to the OEM bezel. It will take you about an hour to build the bezel shims, but it is really the way to do it. As I have said, if you get a group buy or if anyone wants the how too, I would be glad to make a tutorial on how I completed the install.
Fitment is one of the reasons I ended up not going with the real CF route on my interior panels. (mine were done by a company overseas and it's the dry carbon look, but vacuum molded to fit over the oem pieces). On my last car, I even imported custom high end carbon interior pieces that were thin and vacuum formed to fit over the OEM pieces and they too had fitment issues here and there. And that was a LOT more $$ spent than the Tru Carbon pieces let me tel ya. Took some fancy tweaking not to break the pieces while getting them to fit well. But I rant....

I give you props for figuring it out though I do like the way it looks, and it flows with your car's build thus far very nicely :)

I'm always intrigued to see what you do next ;)
Fitment is one of the reasons I ended up not going with the real CF route on my interior panels. (mine were done by a company overseas and it's the dry carbon look, but vacuum molded to fit over the oem pieces).
I really like real carbon fiber that has been gel coated and cleared. When the pattern weave is perfect, it just doesn't look as good to me. I have used 3M textured vinyl wrap, as well as the biggest mistake ever, the kit they sell of a carbon fiber gloss inlay. That stuff peels and bubbles after a few months and is a HUGE PITA to get off.
We have a LOT of TruCarbon pieces installed and I only had a few minor fitment obstacles to overcome, but it is not too difficult. The biggest problem I had was the one piece from Seibon we bought. The Dash and console fit beautifully after we made a few test fits and adjustments. It is really hard to get good pics of the carbon fiber that are accurate due to the high gloss. TruCarbon does use a good clear coat over the gel-coat though. We are pretty much CF'ed out on this car ::) The last pieces we have waited for are the inside mirror covers. I have ordered a 1.0mm gloss Twill Weave Carbon fiber plate to make my own cover for the drink holder. Until they make a molded one, it will have to do.
you can never be Cf'd out ;) Next is the custom made route hehe j/k
Yea, I get ya, I love glossy 100% real CF myself and probably may still may have ended up modding down that road if I didn't have a boss, the glossy CF parts on the exterior to me clashed with the matte graphics of the stripes so I did everything matte instead on this car. That's the main reason for me.

So, if you're done with CF, what's next on your guys' mod list :)
We just finished the sound system as well, so not really sure. We are pretty happy with the suspension, but my son want to start autocross, so I am sure it will be some performance mods for autox.

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