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TSB's for Transmission Issues

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There may already be posts, but I did a quick search and didn't find anything. Are there any TSB's (with specific number) that I can tell my dealer about for the transmission shifting issues? I have pretty "grindy" shift from 1st to 2nd until very warmed up, and even then still a little. I spoke to them when I was getting oil changed and they said they had not heard of any issues??? (Right!)

Thanks in advance!
There is a TSB from March 2011 I believe. It's to change the tranny fluid on the early build Bosses and 5.0's to help with cold shifting from first to second. I've read it did help. If your car is built after that you can try Redline MTL or the equivalent Royal Purple. Mine has been notchy going from first to second since day one. The change to Redline helped mine but I still have it.
my car had the fluid tsb it made a great difference but two weeks later things are feeling like its not going to last for sure. It is in the shop now. Maybe the redline is better for protecting from wear.


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I took my car in for the yearly NY State inspection and had them change the rear differential fluid and the TSB on tranny fluid, They didnt know anything about it, I had to show them on my phone the TSB. They continued to look and found it. YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM that your having a notchy shift from 1st to 2nd or they will try to charge you.
What are the different builds? I have read there are 1st 2nd and 3rd build dates does anyone know how to tell if your car is what build? The build dates?
Supposedly they changed the factory fill to the dual clutch fluid March 2011 when they issued the TSB, TSB 11-03-18


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